Finding a delivery company that can offer door-to-door services for your parcels, packages or documents can save you considerable amounts of time and, in some cases, money. And here we have a cutting edge over other service providers.Door-to-door services are largely associated with the express shipping by air /sea. However, we offer the door-to-door services options invariably for the delivery of all sizes or parcels and packages.
We take following points in consideration while doing Door to Door cargo:

• Firstly, shipments that require duty must be cleared by customs which can slow down transit time and lengthen the amount of time that it takes for door-to-door services deliveries to get to you. But most firms have established ties with customs departments around the world which should expedite this process. It is important to remember that transit times are highly dependent on local rules and regulations.

• Secondly, if your shipment requires duty then it will need a waybill and an invoice. You may be required to submit additions forms but that is dependent on the value of your shipment, where it is going and what is inside. Inquire with your courier or shipping firm for additional information as it pertains to shipping documentation.
The whole basis for choosing Roze Logistic’s door-to-door servies is convenience.

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